Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting


‘Damian has a rare mix of strengths in sales, marketing, strategic planning and leadership, which he underpins with his ability to forge excellent working relationships with both internal and external stake holders, ensuring results are delivered’ – SVP Global Sales

As a business veteran and CEO of my own company, I am well versed in the trials that come with running a business. Sometimes we don’t recognise that there is a problem (our potential blind spots) and at others we can see what the problem is, but do not have the experience or tools to find the solution. Using the breadth of my experience and skills I will work with you and your business to identify all your challenges and help plan and execute your pathway to success.

The Benefits of Consulting

Consulting can be considered in different ways. It relies heavily on the experience and competence of the consultant and can be as simple as giving advice based on knowledge, to deep rooted discovery, surfacing solutions and implementation. A successful consultant partnership can help: