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Here is a selection of quotes from both colleagues and business partners about what you can expect working with me. More detail available on my LinkedIn

SVP E-Tailer India

Business Partner

“Damian is very strategic and takes a long-term view of our business relationship. He’s also done a great job of leveraging the capabilities of our platform to grow his company’s business. During tough negotiations, Damian is very effective in listening to diverse viewpoints and working towards mutually beneficial solutions. He is extremely customer focused and interested in understanding customer problems.”

“Damian has a fantastic drive, energy, persistency and ability to get his point across. He also shows a very good mix of creative and analytical skills that make him grasp the big picture and yet find the hidden solution in complex situations. And last but not least he has a great sense of humor!”

CCO Tech Company

Business Partner

VP Sales

ex Colleague

“I worked with Damian at a very challenging time for the business in North America driven by market/category decline. He led us through a difficult restructuring and re-sizing of the business, that resulted in a smaller, younger and less expereinced team, but with that came the opportunity to promote and develop young, eager, motivated people from support roles to significant account management positions. He has consistently followed up on commitments to train, develop and evolve the new team. Damian improved sales processes across the board, resulting in a more predictable environment. Among other things under his leadership, we were also able to simplify the product line, adapt a consistent and competitive pricing and promotion plan and increase efficiency for us and for our customers. He is a strong leader, a fair leader and supports the business and the team based on insight and fact based reality. He has built a team that works well together and trusts each other and shares individual views and perspectives to the benefit of the team. He has become a reliable coach and mentor, and a good friend.”

“Damian’s competitive spirit makes him a skilled salesperson, great at managing his time and people. He is organized, knowledgeable and persistent with a focus on results. He made some tough decisions for the longer term health of the business and I believe that those will continue to benefit the organization long after he leaves. I’d also like to make a brief reference as to how Damian blended and adapted within a new culture. This can be one of the biggest challenges of coming to the United States as an expat and we have seen examples where individuals had a real difficult time with the transition. Damian clearly noticed his new environment, listened early on to feedback and successfully blended in very well, without losing the essence of himself.”


ex Colleague

Sales Director, Food Brand

ex Colleague

“First off, Damian brings tremendous energy, passion & commitment to the organization. He has an innate ability to understand the market, see where it’s going, and figure out exactly what has to be done to efficiently drive to our share goals. Damian is a strong communicator across the organization and is effectively manages both up & down. He has made a huge impact on my personal development as a manager and spent considerable time making sure those that report to him maxmize their own skills. Damian carries himself as “one of the people” – he’ll engage across the entire organization both in and out of work. Simply put, his personality is infectious and it makes him a natural leader in the workplace.”

“In the eight years I’ve worked with Damian, our respective businesses have achieved great things together. A large part of this successful collective working is due to Damian’s constant ability to think strategically and work with all parties in an incredibly respectful and progressive manner. Damian is great business leader: his hunger for progress and drive for success make a difference, day in day out.”

Founder, Cycling Company

Business Partner

CSO Tech Company

Business Partner

“Damian has that rarest of combinations showing real business and commercial flair coupled with integrity and dynamism. Difficult negotiations become simple and rock solid partnerships were formed. Thoroughly enjoyed doing business with him.”